Transmission Services

American Site Builders expertisein transmission line construction ranges to voltages up to765kV.

Proven ability to complete transmission projects under budget and ahead of schedule, providing our customers a two-fold benefit
from using our experienced crews.


These services include:

  • Complete new installations
  • Bare hand services thru 345kv
  • Transmission structure rebuild (energized or de-energized)
  • Reconductoring
  • Lattice steel tower reinforcements / modifications
  • OPGW Installation
  • Cell Tower Antennas(energized)
  • Maximize efficiency through panning,managing, & producing

Distribution services:

Our expertise in distribution work has been our core since the beginning.Our crews have full capability to perform all types of distribution work.Core services offered include:


  • Restringing new wire
  • Setting new poles
  • Changing out energized arms
  • Maintenance
  • Line Restoration (emergency/storm)
  • Storm Restoration:

    American Site Builders provides storm restoration to our
    customers.Our storm crews are available 24/7 to answer and aid the restoration efforts in areas damaged by hurricanes,snowstorms, tornadoes,ice storms,and all other natural disasters.

    Project Management (EPC’s)

  • Material Procurement
  • Scheduling & Estimating
  • Managerial Consulting
  • Tracking
  • Billing (emergency/storm)
  • Construction Progress Reporting
  • Equipment:

  • With some of the best equipment in the industry,we are able to maintain a great safety and performance record through use of specialized vehicles allowing our employees to complete jobs more safely and efficiently.
  • We have a wide range ofequipment and experience to handle the most demanding transmission lines in all types of conditions,included but not limited to: swamp, uplands, mountainous terrain, wetlands, etc.
  • Other Services:

  • Substation Construction
  • Underground Construction