American Site Builders expertise in transmission line construction ranges to voltages up to 765 KV.
Proven ability to complete transmission projects under budget and ahead of schedule, providing our customers a two-fold benefit from using our experienced crews.
These services include:
Complete new installations.
Bare hand services thru 345 KV.
Transmission structure rebuild (energized or de-energized).
Lattice steel tower reinforcements / modifications.
OPGW Installation.
Cell Tower Antennas (energized).
Maximize efficiency through panning, managing, and producing.

Distribution services:
Our expertise in distribution work has been our core since the beginning.Our crews have full capability to perform all types of distribution work.
Restringing new wire, setting new poles, changing out energized arms, maintenance and line restoration (emergency/storm).

Storm Restoration:
American Site Builders provides storm restoration to our customers.Our storm crews are available 24/7 to answer and aid the restoration efforts in areas damaged by hurricanes,snowstorms, tornadoes,ice storms,and all other natural disasters.

Project Management (EPC’s):
Material Procurement
Scheduling & Estimating
Managerial Consulting
Billing (emergency/storm)
Construction Progress Reporting

With some of the best equipment in the industry,we are able to maintain a great safety and performance record through use of specialized vehicles allowing our employees to complete jobs more safely and efficiently.
We have a wide range of equipment and experience to handle the most demanding transmission lines in all types of conditions,included but not limited to: swamp, uplands, mountainous terrain, wetlands, etc.

Other Services:
Substation Construction
Underground Construction

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