American Site Builders is a self-performing company, this allows us to thoroughly qualify and train our team on every intricate detail of your project. Attention to safety, quality, performance and honesty are delivered to our clients on every job.
Some of our services are:
Construct access roads on wind, transmission, and substation projects.
Excavate and backfill wind turbine foundations.
Excavate and backfill pad and slab foundations including all over excavation.
Construct crane pads and equipment delivery paths.
Restore impacted areas to natural state.

In 2010 American Site Builders established an earthwork/sitework division to complement its concrete division providing services to the power industry. Our experience providing turnkey solutions for your civil construction needs enables positive partnering and quality construction safely and timely.
We have the ability to meet demanding schedules, such as moving 140,000 cubic yards of earth, installing 5000 linear feet of drain line and placing 22,000 tons of base in 38 days for construction of a 25 acre substation, the experience to partner in the wind energy sector providing access road construction and maintenance, right of way preparation, earthwork for turbine construction and installation of storm water pollution prevention measures.
American Site Builders have the understanding and effectiveness to operate in sensitive areas where existing facilities exist and safety concerns are paramount, our experience working in confined areas, gas facilities, and plants allows us to add value to your team and safely complete your expansion or new construction project on time.
We have the aptitude to engage in demanding and remote construction projects for your right of way needs be it for access or transmission line including clearing and grubbing, road construction, underground utilities, maintenance, storm water pollution prevention implementation or reclamation.
Our team has the management, talent and resources to successfully partner with you throughout the energy sector. Whether it is pad construction in confined areas such as gas plants or wide-open right of way preparation, we will complement your team with quality and timely construction and a safety record second to none in the industry.

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